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Each brick from MBS needs to withstand whatever the British weather can throw at it. From prolonged periods of sub-zero temperatures in winter, summer heatwaves, and the very worst wet and windy conditions – our products can resist them all. All our clay bricks carry a BS EN 771-1 certificate and comply in full of UK and EU laws and standards.

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Due to slight variations in chemical composition, no two bricks are identical. This can lead to slight colour differences, although in certain styles which feature clay flashing or overburns, this is often a desirable effect. We try to give an accurate a picture of each range as possible. The images used throughout are for illustration only.

Staunton on Wye case study, bricks

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For professionals

Every building project is unique. You don’t just want to out-do your competition, but your past achievements too. The selection process for your building materials can be an arduous process, but Manchester Brick can help make it go smoothly. You may have to prioritise sustainable building practices, or perhaps you will have to incorporate necessary accessibility features into projects. Manchester Brick Specialists work side by side with architects, developers and local authorities to provide quality products backed by exceptional support.

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For consumers

When beginning a new project, you never know how the end result will pan out. The decision on choosing your type of brick for your building development can be a complicated one. On one hand, you have the aesthetics and on the other you have factored in your price, making the whole decision much trickier. Not to mention if the environmental durability is considered. Our bricks look as great on small scale builds as they do large scale ones. So, whatever your project, we are sure we can help.

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