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Manchester Brick Specialists understand that council housing projects bring a number of unique challenges, especially in terms of budget constraints and deadlines. Our team are experienced in working with local authorities that can help you meet deadlines without compromising on quality.

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Working side by side with local authorities

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Manchester Brick Specialists aim to work side-by-side with local authorities looking to provide affordable housing in the UK. Social housing is essential for less fortunate people across the country. Unfortunately, social housing doesn’t always get the best reputation. Mainly due to many years of housing schemes getting less financial support and using inadequate materials for their environment. As more housing is needed, something as simple as the choice of brick can be vital in shifting public opinion. Using bricks that blend in to their natural environment is necessary to make sure they suit the village, town or city.

Manchester Brick Specialists understand the importance of this choice and will work with local authorities to ensure the bricks chosen are not only fit for purpose but also suit their surroundings. We have a large range of different brick types, colours and textures suitable for all kinds of social housing projects. Our highly experienced team are on hand to help you choose the right brick for your project.

To supply bricks for local authorities up and down the country

Manchester Brick Specialists is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of clay bricks and stock bricks. Established in 2013, we work with UK and European brick manufacturers to create outstanding products and only use factories audited within Sedex-approved guidelines.

Our mission is to create a fast, fuss-free experience for local authorities, providing bespoke advice and bricks from a vast range of suppliers – saving you time, energy and money.

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