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MBS are one of only a few genuine handmade brick suppliers in the UK as our bricks are made with character and built on tradition. We have one of the largest varieties of handmade bricks for sale in the UK and can provide clay bricks for sale at a competitive price.

No two bricks are identical

Our handmade bricks are hand-thrown into rectangular moulds and lightly dusted with sand to give each bricks individual colours and textures. The manual process gives each brick its own unique individual texture and markings, which is an attractive and sought-after feature in facing bricks.

Our handmade bricks also have an indent or ‘frog’ in the top of the brick. The frog reduces the amount of material used to form the brick, makes it easier to remove from the moulds, and gives the completed wall better shear resistance.

Once they reach a low enough moisture content, the bricks head into the latest technology carbon-neutral kilns. Temperatures over 1,000°C bake the clay solid and bring out the different hues in each brick. Once they cool, their colour results from the mineral breakdown in the raw materials from the heat of the kiln.

Due to slight variations in chemical composition, no two bricks are identical. This can lead to slight colour differences. There are certain styles that feature clay flashing or overburns, which some view as a desirable effect.

Handmade bricks are naturally porous, allowing moisture to penetrate and release without damaging the structure of the brick. MBS clay bricks for sale are frost resistant and comply with EU and British standards. They can withstand any weather thrown at them. Coupled with traditional lime mortar, handmade clay bricks allow flexibility in their building structures for natural self-healing benefits. The UK has been building this way since the 15th and 16th century. Because of this high-quality method, you can still see these constructions today.

Closely working with you

We work closely with our customers to ensure they choose the perfect brick every time. Accordingly, we offer a highly personal service from the desired requirements right through to delivery to site. Assisting you in choosing the correct brick for the job is always our priority as your handmade brick supplier.

Regional variations

In the UK, in fact, there are many regional variations of brick from a variety of influencing factors, including:

  • local clays;
  • architectural trends and;
  • lack of transport links through the years.

Those regional colours, in fact, are now often a conservation requirement.

Discover our diverse handmade brick collection today for a unique touch to your construction project.

Handmade bricks for sale - red stack

Red bricks

Higher concentrations of iron give red bricks their striking look. Our Soft Reds, aka Red Rubbers, can be seen in the nations capital’s railway arches. Their workable nature means they can be sculpted into almost any shape, while keeping the robustness you’d expect from a top-quality brick.

Yellow bricks

The striking and recognisable London bricks have a higher lime content giving them an unmistakable yellow hue. Our London Antique handmade brick undergoes an ageing process to change the appearance to that of a genuine reclaimed yellow brick with soot embedded on the face and traces of mortar residue.

Adlington Multi bricks


Adlington Multi

Special shaped bricks

We offer both British standard metric and imperial sized bricks as well as non-standard formats for refurbishment projects.

Lead times

We have one the quickest delivery times in the country, some next day, as all of our products are held in stock. Larger projects may be subject to a lead time depending on availability so please check with our team when placing your order.

Craftsmanship with handmade bricks for sale

Our expert craftsmen use manufacturing methods to create an authentic range of bricks, in a variety of colours and textures. Our handmade bricks are perfect for restoration, renovation, areas of conservation and reclaimed brick aesthetics for new build projects. For our full range of high quality British standard handmade bricks for sale, check out our brick selector for the ultimate brick browsing experience.