Wirecut bricks

Step into a realm of design possibilities with Manchester Brick Specialists’ collection of Wirecut bricks. Crafted through an innovative process, these bricks offer a unique and versatile solution for your architectural needs.  Clay is forced through an extruder and compressed into a long rectangular shape, the desired brick module is cut using a die and individual bricks cut by a wire. Various textures can be added to give character. The result is a crisp, square, modular brick.

The distinctive feature of Wirecut bricks lies in the intricate textures that can be effortlessly incorporated, adding character and depth to your structures. From sleek and modern to rustic and weathered, the possibilities are as diverse as your imagination. The result is a collection of bricks that seamlessly blend creativity with precision, offering a crisp, square, and modular aesthetic.

These bricks are not merely construction materials; they are the building blocks of your architectural vision. Choose Wirecut bricks for a harmonious blend of precision, versatility and aesthetic excellence, and watch your projects come to life with a crisp and modular brilliance.


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This brick I wanted is seen across London and the South East and has a history dating back 300 years, meaning I had a match for the historical context of the build.

Mike Donovan, Client

In terms of kerb appeal the final product is a characterful brick-built design that is consistent across each build.

Woodsett Homes

The Mottram Multi provided the bungalow with an anchor in local heritage and respected the history of Bubwith.

Mark Dickinson, Customer

The brick provided the builds with an imposing presence, without it losing the ever-so important homely feel.

Stonebridge Homes

The collaboration between MBS and Cheshire Renovations lead to a transformative project that delivered stand-out results.

Cheshire Renovations

The client wanted a brick that had a dated appearance whilst still being new, which MBS were able to provide

McCormick Architecture