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as UK brick suppliers for a wide choice of high-quality bricks backed by exceptional support to provide you with inspiration.

Manchester Brick Specialists are one of the UK’s leading suppliers and distributors of clay bricks.

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Discover premier clay bricks with Manchester Brick Specialists, prominent UK brick suppliers, importers, and distributors. Our extensive range of high-quality bricks includes wirecut, clamp, pressed, and traditional handmade options. Established in 2013, we work closely with our brick manufacturing partners in the UK and Europe to create outstanding products. We ensure we only use factories audited within Sedex-approved guidelines.

Our vision is to empower architects, developers and builders by providing them with inspired design solutions. We supply bricks to transform projects and create lasting positive change. Our belief is that every construction project is important. As such, we ensure you are equipped with bricks to deliver any sized development.

We are one of the leading UK brick suppliers of clay bricks and always stock a comprehensive range of wirecut, clamp, pressed and traditional handmade bricks for sale. Our lead times are among the best in the business. Our depth of knowledge second to none. As such, you can trust Manchester Brick Specialists to deliver where others can’t.

With unmatched knowledge and exceptional lead times, we stand as your reliable choice among UK brick suppliers. Contact us at 0161 641 3579 or email for expert advice and top-notch clay bricks tailored to your project’s needs

For professionals

Every building project is unique. You don’t just want to out-do your competition, but your past achievements too. The selection process for your building materials can be an arduous process, but Manchester Brick can help make it go smoothly. You may have to prioritise sustainable building practices, or perhaps you will have to incorporate necessary accessibility features into projects. Manchester Brick Specialists work side by side with architects, developers and local authorities to provide quality products backed by exceptional support.

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For consumers

When beginning a new project, you never know how the end result will pan out. The decision on choosing your type of brick for your building development can be a complicated one. On one hand, you have the aesthetics and on the other you have factored in your price, making the whole decision much trickier. Not to mention if the environmental durability is considered. Our bricks look as great on small scale builds as they do large scale ones. So, whatever your project, we are sure we can help.

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