Manchester Brick Specialists is a trusted UK importer, supplier and distributor of high-quality clay bricks and stock bricks. Whatever the need, the expert team at Manchester Brick will provide you with a 5-star quality service, brimming with 100 years of specialised knowledge in the brick industry.

Our goal is to offer customers a swift and seamless experience, providing tailored advice and a vast selection of bricks to meet unique requirements. This saves valuable time, effort and money.

Our story

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Since 2013, we have collaborated closely with our manufacturing partners to bring exceptional products to the market. We work with UK and European brick manufacturers audited within Sedex-approved guidelines.

With a strong focus on delivering excellence and exceptional service, we have become the trusted choice for renowned developers, architects and house-builders in the country.

Whether you’re interested in the various services on offer, or you’re in need of some brick expert opinion, there will always be a friendly team member on hand to meet and discuss your requirements.

Self Builder case study

Looking to revamp your style without rebuilding? Brick slips are an effective and simple way of adding an authentic brick design without having to start afresh. With a wide range of styles on offer, you’ll be stuck for choice. However, if you’re looking for slips to specifically replicate a type of brick, these can also be made at your request.

Nor do brick slips need to be reserved solely for external use. From incorporating some old-fashioned comfort to boasting a statement feature wall, there are countless ways you can add some texturised character to any interior space with brick design.

Whatever the need, the team at Manchester Brick will provide you with a 5-star quality service, brimming with 100 years of specialised knowledge in the brick industry. If you’re interested in our services or need brick expert advice, a friendly team member is always available to meet and discuss your requirements.

With extensive stock to suit the demands of homeowners, builders and merchants, there really is no need for you to be stressing over prices, quantity or delivery.

Let Manchester Brick do the work and research for you! We are confident to provide a perfect and seamless match for every style and need.

The manufacturing process

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We model our clay into rectangular moulds, lightly dusted with sand. They remove and save excess material for the next piece. Then, they use a wooden block to press the remaining clay into the mold, forming the correct shape.Subsequently, air-drying helps these stacks of formative ‘green’ bricks develop their individual quirks.

Once they reach a low enough moisture content, the bricks head into the kiln. Temperatures over 1,000°C bake the clay solid and bring out the different hues in each brick. Once cooled, their colour depends on the heat of the oven and the mineral compounds present in the raw materials. Yellow bricks have a higher lime content, while concentrations of iron gather in pink bricks.

How are we sustainable?

Construction waste makes up most of the recyclates used in our bricks. From broken glass to sand, and slabs of concrete to broken brickwork, all are natural products which can be reused again and again with brick sustainability at the centre of what we do. We also recycle any of our own products which become damaged during manufacture, or which fail to meet our strict quality guidelines. Seconds are all crushed, before being fed back into the closed loop system to create brand new bricks.

Brick sustainability