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Manchester Brick Specialists have a stunning range of pre-war bricks that will look great on your next project. Whether you need to match the local brickwork or just want to stand out, make sure to consider our wonderful selection of pre-war bricks.


The stand out pattern and colours on our pre war bricks are unlike any other brick you may find. They will give your project a look that will stand the test of time. They are a stand out choice unlike any other available to buy from your local builder’s merchant. The Pressed Pre-War has a deep red hue that clashes with beige marks patterned throughout. It is both unique and effective and brings character to your project. From extensions to new builds, these bricks look fantastic and add character to your development. These bricks also have the appearance of being scorched, with deep brown and black burn marks scattered throughout the lighter shades of the bricks.

You may be wondering why, besides looks, should I choose MBS pre-war bricks over the array of choice out there. For one, our pre-war bricks have incredible strength, able to resist harsh weather conditions. They are frost resistant and manufactured to BS EN 771-1 regulations to ensure they keep resilient for years. Despite the name, these bricks are not from before 1939,  but recreations of a traditional pre-war versatile and durable brick. It’s a testament to how great these bricks look even after 80 years. These bricks were the main choice for construction and are still sought after, despite new building and construction technology.

We have a selection of both pre-war wirecut bricks and handmade bricks. As you expect, the pre-war handmade bricks have a more rustic, weathered appearance. The banded pre war (UK) brick has a classic charm with a classic red colour. Both the Olde Mill Blend and Pressed Pre-War are often found in mill towns and cities of the North-West. Whereas the London Antique Handmade can be found in – yes you guessed it – London. These types of bricks have been used in the UK for over a hundred years, dating as far back as the time of Queen Victoria. These bricks are as authentic to the time they originally came from.

With a multitude of colours infused throughout each brick, this 1-2-3 hit of distinctive, timeless and style offers a unique appearance. This rustic look reminds people of past long gone without feeling outdated. Not to mention the variety of brick work styles on offer through different bonding techniques or just changing the colour of the mortar. From choosing a pale shade or a deep, dark black will drastically change the way your project looks.

We can offer you the best choice of pre-war bricks, ready to make for your next development, extension or general construction project that. Your project will not only look pre-war but will still look great in 50 years-time. There is no limit to what the weathered appearance of these bricks can do for your building’s aesthetic. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Olde Mill Blend

Our Olde Mill Blend Brick evokes the feel of a traditional Cheshire home.

The bricks have been weathered and aged to a highly textured finish, making them indistinguishable from salvaged bricks. This exquisite design will remind you of the textured, cosy feel of exposed brick walls, without the work or worry of them cracking or crumbling. Their timeless looks and their long-lasting strength are a testament to the ingenuity present in British history.

Pressed Pre-War

The ultimate in adaptability, our pressed pre-war bricks feature a dual-face look. One side has a relatively smooth appearance, whereas the opposite flank features a much rougher surface. The scorch marked appearance gives these bricks the appearance that they have a history. From red and orange hues to characteristic flashing and overburns, really gives a unique character to them.

London Antique Handmade

Our London Antique Handmade brick has a much lighter tone than our other pre-war presses available. They have white, beige, yellow and even orange hues present as well as unique patterns throughout each brick. These bricks will remind you of the old London buildings. While maintaining an old, weathered look, these freshly pressed bricks will support your structures for years to come.

If you are interested in our pre-war bricks, please do no hesitate to get in contact with us. No question too small or unnecessary and we are always eager to help find the right choice. Always know that you can request a sample of our wide range of bricks. From our handmade bricks and our thinner linear bricks to our wirecut bricks and even brick tiles. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with us. Give us a call or shoot us a message today and request a sample today.