Stonebridge Homes

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Stonebridge Homes case study



This case study features a recent project – Stonebridge Homes. We worked alongside Stonebridge Homes through the construction of multiple 4 and 5 bedroom homes as part of a large new-build housing development. This project took place in an affluent part of Harrogate and is a part of rural surroundings. ‘The Willows’ aimed to create a real sense of community, evolving the area to become a neighbourhood many desire to live in.

In the development of this new community, Stonebridge Homes needed a brick for construction with aesthetic appeal that would also be versatile in use. It needed to work across multiple of the styles of home that would be found on this new-build estate.



Stonebridge Homes case study
Stonebridge Homes case study
Stonebridge Homes case study

Development went forward using our own Kilmarnock Blend of brick. This choice is multi wirecut brick with various tones of reds and purples throughout each brick. It is one of our darker choices, and provides each house with a standout, striking look that is sure to impress. The darker tones of the brick provided the builds with an imposing presence, without it losing the ever-so important homely feel.

We work closely with developers in order to provide stock that meets the standards and requirements set in place for their plans. We make sure that safety and sustainability needs are met through the durability of our bricks. With the Kilmarnock Blend boasting an F2 durability rating, we are confident in the ability of our stock to provide a dependable foundation in the structure of the housing for the Stonebridge Homes case study. Another way our choice was fit for the project was their affordability, fitting within the budget of the developers.

One of the housing styles our Kilmarnock was used in was ‘The Sandringham’ which is a 5 bedroom detached house with a double garage. Paired alongside a lighter cement, the combination is juxtaposed against one of our darker bricks. The contrast between the two distinct tones provide the build with a modern look, while keeping its roots in traditional British housing styles.



Stonebridge Homes case study

This brick I wanted is seen across London and the South East and has a history dating back 300 years, meaning I had a match for the historical context of the build.

Mike Donovan, Client

In terms of kerb appeal the final product is a characterful brick-built design that is consistent across each build.

Woodsett Homes

The Mottram Multi provided the bungalow with an anchor in local heritage and respected the history of Bubwith.

Mark Dickinson, Customer

The brick provided the builds with an imposing presence, without it losing the ever-so important homely feel.

Stonebridge Homes

The collaboration between MBS and Cheshire Renovations lead to a transformative project that delivered stand-out results.

Cheshire Renovations

The client wanted a brick that had a dated appearance whilst still being new, which MBS were able to provide

McCormick Architecture