New House Farm – a brick to fit the natural environment

Powys, Wales

New House Farm bricks, Powys



Developer Delves and Co. in Welshpool worked on a new project in the small village of Sarn in Powys, Wales. Harry Delves, commercial director of Delves and Co Ltd has developed many projects in the area. These included his very own Tuffins supermarket. Located on a stretch of farmland in Wales, the project transformed old sheep barns into holiday lets. The name of the project, New House Farm may sound a little uninspiring. However, there’s more to it than you may think.

One of the requests from the client was to ensure the bricks match the surrounding buildings. The bricklayers used their own professional judgement during construction in order to keep the correct contrast while blending the bricks. The brick itself is a handmade twist on a classic red. The blend comprises two alternating styles. One style features a pale red, while the other incorporates a darker red colliding with burnt black elements and touches of ashy whites.

New House Farm bricks, Wales
New House Farm brick work
New House Farm brick detailing

A larger percentage of projects we work on are extensions or new homes, so providing bricks within the tourism sector was a change of pace. Especially with the requirements of blending into its natural environment whilst honouring its former use to house sheep.

It is so important to make sure you pick the right brick for the right job. Different uses need to be taken into account when picking the best brick for the task at hand. It’s a new challenge for every project, so it’s important not to pick the wrong one.

The completed New House Farm is stunning. The brick is used on the ground and first floors and is complemented by wooden panelling on the top. The contrasting materials work together to provide the building with a homely, comforting feel yet still reminiscent of its previous use and fitting in within its environment.

Bookings for New House Farm aren’t currently available, but we know once it’s open, it will be the place to stay for a getaway in the valleys.

New House Farm brick scaffolding
New House Farm brick wall

This brick I wanted is seen across London and the South East and has a history dating back 300 years, meaning I had a match for the historical context of the build.

Mike Donovan, Client

In terms of kerb appeal the final product is a characterful brick-built design that is consistent across each build.

Woodsett Homes

The Mottram Multi provided the bungalow with an anchor in local heritage and respected the history of Bubwith.

Mark Dickinson, Customer

The brick provided the builds with an imposing presence, without it losing the ever-so important homely feel.

Stonebridge Homes

The collaboration between MBS and Cheshire Renovations lead to a transformative project that delivered stand-out results.

Cheshire Renovations

The client wanted a brick that had a dated appearance whilst still being new, which MBS were able to provide

McCormick Architecture