Bark Hill

Whitchurch, Shropshire

Bark Hill case study, Whitchurch



In the market town of Whitchurch in the north of Shropshire, building and construction company, RS Burgess & Sons Ltd were working on a project in the town centre. The planned build was to be two new houses accompanied by a coach house. During development, the old barn on-site was demolished, and plans were made to replace it with this new project. The primary objective in choosing the brick stock for this development was to ensure it harmonised with the local surroundings.

Whitchurch’s town centre is a historic one, boasting architecture reminiscent of Tudor England, as well as an 18th Century Church. It was decided that the best fit for this project would be our 65 mm Smoked Red. These handmade bricks replicate the appearance of weathered urban brickwork. They showcase a captivating sooty finish that harmoniously complements the aesthetics of neighbouring homes and walls. Their darker red hue lends a distinctive appearance, while the soot-imbued burnt tones impart depth to each brick.

Bark Hill case study, house
Bark Hill case study, Whitchurch
Bark Hill case study, street view

The Project

This project was a necessary step contributing to the transformation of the Whitchurch local area. Constructing new and modern housing in a historically rich area like Whitchurch demands an approach that respects its heritage. MBS aim to supply bricks that inspire your build, while also accommodating the needs set by existing local architecture.

Once construction was completed, the result consisted of the attached housing that had been planned during the development phase. You can only plan how good something will look on paper. In practice, things could go a different way than imagined. Luckily our experts working alongside R S Burgess and Sons Ltd were well aware of the effect our bricks would have on the final build. The darker tone of the bricks provides the aesthetic appeal needed as not to clash with the local area, and we think the project was a success.

Bark Hill case study, Shropshire
Bark Hill case study - brick wall

This brick I wanted is seen across London and the South East and has a history dating back 300 years, meaning I had a match for the historical context of the build.

Mike Donovan, Client

In terms of kerb appeal the final product is a characterful brick-built design that is consistent across each build.

Woodsett Homes

The Mottram Multi provided the bungalow with an anchor in local heritage and respected the history of Bubwith.

Mark Dickinson, Customer

The brick provided the builds with an imposing presence, without it losing the ever-so important homely feel.

Stonebridge Homes

The collaboration between MBS and Cheshire Renovations lead to a transformative project that delivered stand-out results.

Cheshire Renovations

The client wanted a brick that had a dated appearance whilst still being new, which MBS were able to provide

McCormick Architecture