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The shortage in Britain was forecasted until 2022. Thankfully, stockists like Manchester Brick Specialists have ample stock.

According to the media, soaring asking prices result from factors such as the untouchable greenbelt, developers engaging in land banking or governments not lifting caps on borrowing for housing revenue.

More recently, however, we’ve been hearing about a more basic barrier to house building: the British Brick shortage.

12-month wait for British manufacturers

Manufacturers of British bricks limited production during lockdown, causing a substantial backlog. Brexit led to a shortage of 15,000 haulier drivers, and the coronavirus pandemic resulted in the postponement of 30,000 HGV driver tests. Amidst a 24-year industry high in new orders for building materials and bricks, housing developers face over a 12-month wait for deliveries.

The Federation of Master Builders reported a dispute between a house builder and a local authority. The builder’s plans were approved based on a specific brick sample. However, the builders are encountering difficulties in obtaining the correct brick, and the local authority is dissatisfied with the substitute. Without reaching an agreement, construction delays could extend up to a year while waiting for the approved brick supplies.

In a design meeting, a planner raised concerns about the absence of bricks in the new scheme. The response attributed it to the brick shortage, recommending the safer use of steel and glass instead of traditional bricks.

The average order schedule cancellation rate we operated with exceeded 24%. According to the latest Government figures for June, brick inventories have hit a new 20-year low due to orders consistently surpassing production.

Brick imports

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports a continuous increase in brick imports for over a decade. This method remains the only way to meet demand.

Importing bricks allows house builders to maintain consistent brick colour across extensive developments. With British manufacturers depleting stocks, Manchester Brick ensures timely delivery and competitive prices.

At present, we have the availability of the best quality bricks for immediate delivery to your building site. These bricks are exclusive to us. They are perfect for new builds and housing developers:

Chapel Light bricks are a handmade brick you’ll see on cottages, farmhouses and converted barns across the shire counties. Lightly weathered for a textured appearance, these bricks are a superb match for new developments in conservation areas.

Adlington Multi bricks


Adlington Multi

These handmade bricks are meant to look soot-weathered. As such, they blend in with neighbouring brickwork. Each of these handmade bricks are hand-shaped and saturated with smog and grime to capture the character of the city.

Manchester Victorian Pressed brick

Pressed Stock

Manchester Victorian Pressed

Enjoy the historic aesthetic of a Langthorpe Dark Blend brick wall with its clean lines and rustic red and black hue. Representing our wirecut bricks, it’s crafted using traditional methods, evoking the early days of brickwork with a stacked rectilinear effect.

Once you know the brick you are after, you will be ready to buy the bricks for your development. There are plenty of places to buy our bricks from. Contact us directly on 0161 641 3579 or email A member of the team can point you to your local builders’ merchant.