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Being aware of the products you are buying is necessary in every industry, at every point of the supply chain. There are many companies out there committed to practicing ethical and sustainable business. Due to modern standards and expectations, many people have lifestyles built around product consumption. They are looking for fast delivery, instant gratification and low prices. Customer expectations are in the cross-section of a Venn diagram. Unfortunately, by meeting these expectations, while also being ethically and environmentally aware, companies will see drops in profits. What is also unfortunate, is that many of these companies are guided by greed and won’t let profits drop. Instead, they will cut out ethics and sustainability, in order to deliver customers fast and cheap products.


We know you can’t do in-depth research on every product you buy. Instead,  look for identifiers that let you know what you’re buying isn’t harming anyone.

In our recent article about Pakistani bricks, we briefly touched on the work done by Sedex. If you aren’t already aware, Sedex is the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. Their mission is to supply data, insights, services and tools to different companies. This is all with the goal of improving ESG (environmental, social and governance) outcomes. Through their SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) system, they will identify any glaring issues or successes your business has met. Ethics and sustainability are at the forefront of what customers want from businesses. Younger generations are much more socially-conscious and for good reason! By guaranteeing your products are void of unethical practices, you can provide assurance to clients that your mission meets theirs.


Through the discovery of exploitative practices in the supply chain, businesses can step up. Sedex can highlight how businesses fail to execute proper research into partners. Many companies may not be aware of the shady side of their providers’ procurement. With SMETA, they can be made aware of their shortcomings, and change their market connections. Most companies engaging with these practices are wholly unaware of the origin of their bricks. By the time they use Sedex however, the damage has been done. It’s important that your brick provider has avoided unethical business practices (knowingly or not) from the get-go.

The phrase “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” can apply to the quality of bricks made unethically. Quality control and safety checks aren’t even commonplace, let alone mandatory. If you’re under the false impression your bricks are made ethically, you may also believe they have been certified as safe. When it comes to construction, skipping safety steps can cost lives. By making sure your bricks are from ethical manufacturers, you can feel safe in knowing the bricks meet any necessary regulations. Don’t gamble with people’s lives, by using Sedex certified distributors (such as us) you guarantee sustainability, safety and ethics in what you buy.

We are the only UK Distributor of bricks that can guarantee all partner factories have the stamp of approval from Sedex, meaning clients can rest easy, assured that all ethical trade standards are met.

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