How we became one of the top brick suppliers in the UK






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We are Manchester Brick, a top brick supplier in the UK. Read on to see why our extensive range and knowledge of bricks makes us stand out from the crowd and why you should choose us as your ‘go-to’ company.

We’re pleased to be sitting at the top of the wall (see what we did there?). Becoming a top brick supplier in the UK for developers is an accolade we have worked hard to achieve and are proud to hold.

Since 2013, we have had the goal of streamlining our experience with customers in mind. We strive to ensure your transaction with us is quick and easy, whilst providing you with the best advice alongside the vast range of high-quality bricks we supply.

We understand that every brick supplier is different and what they require is individual to them. We therefore do what we can to ensure things work best for them and they get the correct materials to realise their project.

Largest brick company in Manchester

We are one of the largest brick suppling companies in Manchester, and one of the largest in the UK. This in part is due to the high-quality production and materials used in our bricks, such as our handmade clay bricks which benefit from self-healing properties which means coupled with traditional lime mortar, our handmade clay bricks allow flexibility in their building structures. To go alongside this is our specialised knowledge and decades of experience.

We have a wide array of handmade bricks to choose from. This is what has made us a top choice for developers across the UK.

Made to last

Since the 15th century, the UK has been building using certain construction techniques, made to withstand the changeable British weather. Our bricks are also manufactured with this in mind. Planning for the future is key in architecture and construction. Our bricks are long-lasting and sustainable for future generations.

By using quality clay to make our wide range of bricks here at Manchester Brick, it ensures they are able to stay weatherproof despite snow, wind and rain. This is the same whether they are handmade, wire cut, linear bricks or brick tiles. Our unique products can tailor to the specific needs of any of our customers and offer a choice many other companies simply cannot. Our clay product adds a natural quality to our available brick that gives them an incredible finishing look that is hard to find anywhere else.

Varied designs

Our varied designs come in a variety of styles and colours, meaning no matter the aesthetic wanted for your project, we can provide you with a brick that will fit that mould. Our large variety of building products can give off a variety of results, and the final result of your projects can have wildly dramatic results. From lighter colours of bricks, such as our Kentmere, matched with a dark mortar or maybe our smooth black bricks with a lighter mortar.

Our competitors, who produce bricks in the UK, are struggling to supply, many may not be able to provide you with the large quantities of brick you need for your next big project. We aim to not only provide you with a huge supply of our specialist bricks but with some of the best quality and unique bricks available on the market.

We also source and import exact brick types from abroad. Therefore, rather than trying to find these brick types yourself, you can rely on us to do this for you.

What are you waiting for?

Save yourself the time. Instead, see what we have to offer by browsing our website which showcases the selection available.

This means many developers come to us to find the exact brick they need for a project.