Luna Grey

Introducing Luna Grey Linear Bricks by Manchester Brick Specialists!

Elevate your architectural design with our Luna Grey Linear Bricks, meticulously crafted to bring a dramatic and distinctive touch to your new development. These bricks are more than just building materials; they are a canvas for creativity, promising to make a bold and lasting statement on any construction project.

At Manchester Brick Specialists, we understand that your unique project deserves nothing less than exceptional quality and character. Trust in Luna Grey Linear Bricks to provide the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and durability, ensuring that your new development stands out from the rest. Discover the limitless possibilities that await when you choose Luna Grey Linear Bricks for your construction needs.

Linear bricks are available in sizes:
440mm x 65mm, 440mm x 50mm, 490mm x 65mm, 490mm x 50mm

“We have quickly developed a global network of manufacturers that we work closely with to develop brick types which are made to look olde-worlde or reclaimed.”

Dean Royle, Managing Director