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One of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of clay bricks and tiles

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The only UK Distributor who can guarantee our bricks have the stamp of approval from Sedex

Manchester Brick Specialists
Manchester Brick Specialists is one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of clay bricks and tiles. Established in 2013, we work closely with our manufacturing partners to create outstanding products, while our strong ethical outlook ensures we only use factories audited within Sedex-approved guidelines.

We focus on replicating the UK’s distinctive regional brickwork styles, which are weathered and aged so they are indistinguishable from genuine reclaimed bricks.

Brimming with character, our bricks have a true lived-in look and texture, with authentic shades of red and orange, firing overburns and clay flashing adding to their appeal. This makes them perfect for everything from renovations, restoration projects or being at the heart of new-build developments.

Urban bricks differ from those used in the country, and with hundreds of collective years in the trade, our team of brick experts can advise on the ideal materials for your building or wall to match its surroundings.

We are the UK’s leading brick supplier of pre-war wirecuts, and always stock a comprehensive range of clamp, pressed and traditional handmade bricks for sale. Our lead times are among the best in the business, and with a depth of knowledge second to none, you can trust Manchester Brick Specialists to deliver where others can’t.

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Elizabethan craftsmen would recognise many of our brickmaking techniques. Our high-quality materials and firing methods replicate historic regional styles, while our ageing process adds a weathered look and tactile texture to each brick.

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“We have quickly developed a global network of manufacturers that we work closely with to develop brick types which are made to look olde-worlde or reclaimed.”

Dean Royle, Managing Director