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Welcome to Manchester Brick Specialists, your go-to source for unique vintage bricks! Are you on the hunt for pre war common bricks, reminiscent of the Victorian era and early 20th century? Look no further.

MBS has Red 73mm pre war common brick for sale, ready for delivery in mainland GB.

The Covid-19 pandemic temporarily halted construction work, affecting manufacturing and supply chains. Delays at shipping ports, especially in China, have impacted the availability of building materials, including bricks. The UK has grappled with a brick shortage since the 2008 recession, and the situation has persisted due to insufficient domestic production to meet the demand.

Manchester Brick Specialists understands the challenge in finding pre war common bricks. We’re here to bridge that gap by offering Red 73mm pre war common bricks, a true gem from a bygone era. Our bricks are ready for next day delivery to mainland GB, ensuring your project stays on track.

The UK brick shortage started to bite after the 2008 recession, when brick production halved. Many brick plants were phased out: mothballed, or closed, permanently. When the housing market picked up in 2014-15, bricks were in short supply. In 2017, the UK utilised 2.4 billion bricks, with only 1.9 billion domestically manufactured. In June 2021, Government figures reported that brick inventories had plummeted to a 20-year low.

UK production capacity cannot meet the demand for bricks and roof tiles. It is unlikely to for at least another year, Construction News reports. Brickwork contractors are reporting long lead times – up to 26 months and delivery failures.

That’s not a problem for Manchester Brick Specialists.

We can supply you with Red 73mm pre war common brick, ready for next day delivery. Additionally, we’re probably the only brick specialist who can.

What is a Pre War Common brick?

Typically used for housing construction in the Victorian period, pre war wirecut bricks were first popular in North West England. A Pre War Common brick is a brick that is part of the pre-war (1900-1945) build. They are called “Common” because they were a popular choice back at the time, and were used as much as possible.

These distinctive bricks are now very popular across Cheshire, the Midlands and the North. As well as strong and durable, pre-war common bricks are suitable for most masonry situations and general purpose brickwork.

Pressed pre-war bricks

Hydraulically pressed to remove any shape imperfections, these pressed pre-war bricks display deep reds, oranges and the distinguished dark ‘overburns’ created in the firing process. It’s a manufacturing technique that provides a natural weathered texture and appearance, adding character for a reclaimed look. These bricks are designed to match older properties and are fully weather resistant.

Outside Blend Weathered Brick Stack
banded pre war top

Banded pre-war bricks

Our Banded Pre-War bricks for sale may look old and weathered. However, to us, we think that’s what gives them that extra bit of charm. The rustic look of these bricks will add a bold and standout look to your projects.

All our bricks adhere to BS EN 771-1 standards and are fully compliant with UK and EU laws. The pre war common brick is available in packs of 585, ready for immediate delivery.

If you’d like a closer look, we’ll even send you a free sample. There are plenty of places to buy our bricks from, either directly from us or your local builders’ merchant.

Just call us today on 0161 641 3579 or email One of our friendly team will be pleased to help you with your enquiry.

“We have quickly developed a global network of manufacturers that we work closely with to develop brick types which are made to look olde-worlde or reclaimed.”

Dean Royle, Managing Director