Red Hill Blend

Redhill Blend Bricks

Redhill Blend bricks have a deep red hue and are made with a blend of red clay. They are ideal for projects that require a rich, red colour. These bricks are available in a variety of sizes and finishes and can be custom-made to suit your project requirements. If you’re looking for a red brick that will make a statement, Redhill Blend bricks are a perfect choice.

Redhill Blend bricks are available in a variety of sizes and styles and can be custom ordered to meet your project’s specific needs. Contact our brick experts at Manchester Brick Specialists to learn more about Redhill Blend bricks or check stock availability. Call us on 0161 641 3579 or email

Linear bricks are available in sizes:
440mm x 65mm, 440mm x 50mm, 490mm x 65mm, 490mm x 50mm

“We have quickly developed a global network of manufacturers that we work closely with to develop brick types which are made to look olde-worlde or reclaimed.”

Dean Royle, Managing Director